The PeaceCake Cafe – Gaia’s Kitchen

The PeaceCake Cafe offers a whole range of food: spicy, savoury and sweet. We aim to be fair trade where possible, usually organic and always delicious!

peacecake cafe queue

We offer light, cooked meals, salads, spicy snacks, cakes, teas chai etc. We cater for vegans and those that are wheat and dairy free too. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements, as we will do our best to cater for them. The ethos behind the Camp is to create an environment in which people feel both nurtured and energised and we believe our kitchen and dining area does this beautifully.

We offer child-friendly options such as baked potatoes, wholesome pizzas, pasta meals etc. Children, however, can simply have a smaller portion of what’s available on the main menu. At present we offer a simple lunch of fresh baked rolls, soup and salad, and a more extensive range of salads with a main dish for the evening meal.

A typical menu for the PeaceCake Cafe:

Friday Evening Vegetable curry, dahl, spicy chick peas, pilau rice, yogurt, pickles, and tomato and onion raita.                                                                                                                                                                       Children’s option: pasta, mediterranean vegetables, cheese.

Saturday Lunch Soup and fresh baked bread: Potato, sweet corn and leek.                           Children’s option: baked potatoes with fillings.

Saturday Evening Vegetarian Moussaka or Spicy Bean-burgers with hummous and salsa in focaccia bread. Served with salads: new potato with mayonnaise and mint; mixed salad leaves, carrot, almond and raisin; tabouleh; mixed bean salad; brown rice salad, green bean salad.

Sunday Lunch Soup, fresh baked bread : Minestrone or Lentil, Carrot, and Coriander.

Sunday Evening Veg Lasagne  or Enchilladas served with salads: new potato with mayonnaise and mint, mixed salad leaves, carrot, almond and raisin, tabouleh, mixed bean salad, brown rice salad.

Children’s option: veggie sausage, mash, beans and greens

The key to the PeaceCake Cafe is our lovely canvas marquee: it has a cosy, cushioned and carpeted area with a wood- burning stove if it’s chilly; an area with tables and chairs, which can be under canvas or outside, depending on the weather. A feature we especially enjoy are the windows all round which help to create an open airy space.