Antonia, Kristian and Fabienne, North Yorks

Wanted to say a big thank you for a fantastic weekend and we are so glad you were able to find the space for our family at such short notice. The meals particularly, were absolutely delicious and reinforced our belief that vegetarian food can be truly wonderful. (My children have never known anything else!). I particularly enjoyed the drumming and singing. The children enjoyed being outside, camping, making new friends, making stools and Kristian loved making a sword and demonstrating ‘sword skills’ with the others. He has never performed before on the clarinet, apart from in the full school orchestra, so his playing in the concert with Martia was quite an achievement. I was eager to visit my spiritualist church this evening and a lady stood up and said, “I can see you with what looks like a may pole with ribbons”(I was folding the ribbons today from the poles of the marquee!) She went on to tell me about a mole hill! Did you see it? Everyone was crowded around it today. She also talked about the children playing in water and the trees! She told me about the fairies and wood elves afterwards but said she didn’t like to mention it at the time! Thank you once again and I hope you both find the time and space to recover from your hard work! I trust we will find the energy to join you again in the near future.