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Welcome to the Gaia Tribe Home Page

We have decided to have a fallow year in 2016 to recharge or batteries, but we will be back in 2017 for a better than ever camp.
Experience of community and sustainable living through sharing skills, creativity and celebration. 

The Gaia Tribe Summer Camp

 26th May - 31st May 2017

 We will be having discussion groups on  world cafe, fracking, building sustainable culture, sharing our stories, the work that reconnects etc. There will also be workshops, heart space, green living skills, healing, a permaculture zone, eco cinema, drumming, singing, dancing, games, creative arts, circus skills, drama, performance, lots of activities for children, mens and women's space, saunas, wood fired showers, great veggie food at the PeaceCake Cafe.  There is something for everyone, and all ages are welcome.

At our camps we offer both dynamic activity and the space to rest and recover from the hectic pace of modern life. You can go at your own pace and choose the degree to which you  want to participate in the activities on offer.

For more information about what's on offer please take a look at 'Our Next Camp' page.




We aim to offer high quality workshops as well as space for emerging talent. Where possible we will encourage and facilitate those skills that often lay dormant because we lack opportunities to share them. Our intention is to create an environment where people can shine, where we can feel safe to explore, to learn, to relax, to feel connected to self and to the Earth. Here is the space to have conversations about which we feel passionate, to share our ideas and dreams of the world we want. Our camps are places to meet up with friends and make new ones and perhaps, most importantly, where we can have lots of fun! Our hope is that by coming together in this way, we may find ways of taking our experiences back into our lives beyond the camp, feeling rested, renewed and inspired...

Video by York Wedding Photographer David Bellis

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